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Your partner for researching, putting in sale and buying a company. Buying and selling of businesses

Our mission

The mission of Monaxxion is to accompany you in the development of your company in the acquisition, sale or real estate financing.

Purchase and sale of Companies

Monaxxion offers commercial and industrial properties currently on sale in Quebec. We can also put your business premises on sale.

Development Projects

Do you need to expand your business across Canada or even abroad? We can help you.

Income properties

Do you want to invest in a property that already generates income? Our listing may be useful.

Lands and Fields

Does your company need to acquire new land or field to expand? We get what you need.

Farms and Farmhouses

Do you want to start a farming or livestock business? We offer several farms and farmhouses for sale.

Commercial financing

Do you need a local or foreign investor to develop your project? Our investor partners are waiting for you.

Search for partners

Monaxxion also supports you in your search for partners. We are already working with several investors.

Our brokers

Our real estate brokers are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. They will sell your real estate. Insights, tips & how-to guides on selling property and preparing your home or investment property for sale and working to maximise your sale price.
Certified Real Estate Broker


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Real Estate Broker for Monaxxion

Dianne Morin B.Comm realtor

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Monaxxion Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Broker for Monaxxion

Pierre Bergeron realtor

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Real Estate Broker


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News & Blog

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Avant de vous lancer dans l’investissement immobilier au Québec, analysez préalablement sa fiscalité. Celle-ci reste tout de même très profitable pour une si grande ville…
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Québec : un marché en immobilier commercial intéressant pour les étrangers
Le Québec reste un marché immobilier commercial intéressant pour les investisseurs étrangers, par rapport aux autres provinces du Canada. À cause de la bulle immobilière,…
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Pourquoi investir dans l’immobilier commercial au Québec ?
Pour l’investissement en immobilier commercial, la province du Québec et sa ville Montréal restent une mine d’or presque intouchée jusqu’à présent. Au-delà de l’aspect fiscal,…
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