895,000 $ /EBITDA- Profit 237,822.$ +
SKU:EBITDA 237,822.$ +
Property type:Ready business

The space

  • Year Built: 2013


Food services for the institutional, private and government market.
Preparation and delivery. Established clientele. Stable and qualified workforce.

Prime location.
Presently 5 working days, weekdays
Specialized food services.

Well located, adapted and MAF-MAPAQ approved agri-industrial facilities.
Advanced and functional equipment. Pleasant environment.

B2B. Stable and growing market.

Excellent diversification potential. Impressive growth rates and yields. Service highly appreciated by customers who want to reduce their operating and labor costs.
Member of a high volume purchasing group.
Value of Equipment: 149,000$

Unique opportunity! … Whose luck? …

Note that despite the fact that they have been closed for almost 3 months, the company generated higher profits than the same period of the previous year.

In addition, the resumption of their activities has been extremely fast and favorable, they are very busy which is very positive in this period of Covid-19.

Business specifics:

Constant growth.
Can increase revenues quickly.
In this period of Covid-19 the company generated higher profits than the same period of the previous year.


Private, commercial and institutional.
An essential service.
Emergency service.


Institutional, commercial, private.


First choice.
Unique in the industry.
An exclusive product for customers.
Hours to give employees a better quality of life.
No recruitment problem.

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