Clothing stores and Accessories USA New York

23,500,000 $ /SOLD

The space

  • Year Built: 1955


11 Clothing stores and Accessories USA

New York 4 stores
Boston 3 stores
Los Angeles and San Francisco 3
Las Vegas 1
The sales represents the sale of garment only

Business sector(s): Retail business – Clothing and accessories
Region(s):  USA
Municipality: New York
Country: In the United States
Business specifics: Always been profitable for 35 years
Management team: The family
Customers: Clientele local and tourist
Competition: A lot of competition
Market: Clientele local and tourist
Commercial real-estate: No
Year founded: 1955
Development stage: Development
Gross revenue: $43 500 080
Profit before taxes: $  3 118 500 (EBITDA)
Number of employees: 117 full-time – 31 part-time
Financial state and forecast: Always been profitable for 35 years

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