385,000 $ /EBITDA-PROFIT 30,095.$
Property type:Commercial


Strategic location. Well maintained and renovated over the years. All units rented.
Good income and profitable.

Small shopping center in a good location.

1160 to 1167 Daigneault, Acton Vale, Qc. JoH1H0
Stable tenants. Renovated building with good appearance, functional and well maintained.
Between 2010 and 2012: roof redone (Soprema), windows changed + electricity.
Parking lots.
The property is located on a point between two busy commercial arteries, giving access to the # 116 and # 139.
The tenants are local businesses, except for a residential occupation, which could also be commercial.
Zoning and the use grid offer multiple opportunities.
Land area: nearly 10,500 sq.ft.
5 rental units.

Gross revenue: 41,556.$

Profit : 30,095.$

Municipal assessment:  386,200.$

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Real Estate Broker for Monaxxion
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