225,000 $ /EBITDA- Profit 104,804,.$
SKU:EBITDA- Profit 104,804,.$
Property type:Ready business

The space

  • Year Built: 2008


Profitable trade in parts and accessories in the energy, industrial and nautical fields.
Wholesale, retail and online

In business for fifteen years.
Serving a diverse market of users of alternative sources of energy
and marine equipment and industrial and recreational vehicles.
Commercial rental space for sale and storage of parts.
Transactional websites.

Even during Covid-19, sales increased


2019–   $264,982

2020–  $416,498

2021–   $536,811

2022–  $620,305

2023    $912,230  (Estimate)

because of recent ice storm, more people are interested in alternative energies

Sale of shares.

Business in operation and profitable.
Includes everything required to continue operations:
name, websites, parts inventories, equipment, tools, software, etc.




Business specifics:


40% of sales come from the website
60% of sales come from customers from all regions of Quebec
due to prices, product availability,
as well as certain parts that are not available in Quebec, without having to
wait several weeks to get them
Customers also appreciate the service and the
opportunity to buy their products at favourable prices

Reason for sale: Death of an owner

Seller’s involvement after the sale: Yes for the Transition period

We currently have two people interested in working in the company

as a minority partner in the company by investing $50,000 with the new owners.

An exceptional opportunity for an e-entrepreneur!
A company for an e-entrepreneur who knows the effective strategies

to position products or services and knows how to carve out a place in this market with many outlets.

A marketer can generate several jobs within of solar division.



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