175,000 $ /EBITDA- Profit 152,860$
SKU:EBITDA 152,860.$
Property type:Ready business

The space

  • Year Built: 2000


Interior/exterior themed design services. Design, installation/deinstallation.
Seasonal or event decorations: birthdays, weddings, festivals, seasonal and holiday seasons, Halloween, Easter, summer, etc.
Commercial, individual, institutional customers

Established clientele, in business for over 20 years. Continuous growth. Inventories, website, clientele renewing contracts annually.

Various businesses: shopping centres, restaurants, concessionaires, municipalities, recreational and tourist activities, etc.

Sale of assets: Name, website, inventories, customers, suppliers

Business specifics:

Interior exterior decor services

Currently, seasonal operations: Halloween and Holiday season but possibility of geographic expansion and diversification of the service offer and clientele allowing to operate year-round.


Montreal, Québec, Laval and Regions


Commercial, individuals, institutional

Gross revenue:  210,737.$

Profit-Ebitda:    152,860.$

Financial state and forecast:

Current revenues reflect seasonal operations over 4 months.

Revenues/benefits can be increased tenfold if the Buyer chooses to operate year-round by diversifying the service offer, clientele, territory, etc.

Financing and a sales balance available depending on the conditions.

Due to the profitability of the business, the seller agrees to be a partner
and to finance a sales balance according to the agreements to be entered into.

Available for a transition period

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